International Hotel Protocol


International Hotel Protocol

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This book is modestly intended to be a "Tourism Manual".

As a handbook for all my "colleagues" tourism professionals and especially those dedicated to the hospitality industry, and particularly in the demanding world of hotels.

And on the other hand as a "Protocol Guide" dedicated to all those "Specialists and Experts in Protocol, State and International Ceremonial” as well as to "Event Organizers" who need to understand the inner world of hotels in order to better manage the many occasions when you need their services to accommodate their VIPs, personalities of our society, political, military, international delegations; and also organize conferences, conventions, meetings and the celebration of Acts both nationally and internationally.

It is a link between these two fantastic and very different worlds that must go hand in hand, they need and complement each other.

It is a modern vision of contemporary protocol that in this globalized, fast-paced, multicultural, cosmopolitan and polyglot world that I think is needed both professionally and personally to know all the gastronomic, cultural, social, religious, and historical ethical values that influence the nature of relations between countries, people, hotels and protocol and vice versa, for this I have created the "10 Step Blueprint of Protocol".

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