Ángela García Carrasco

Ángela García Carrasco

Ángela García Carrasco



Angela Garcia has try during all her life to do a  <<liason<<< between her private and personal life with her professional one ,combining studies and experience :

-Hotel Manger in Cenicero, La Rioja, taking this opportunity to introduced herself in the Wine ,oenology,tastings and pairings ,what becomes one of her actual hobbies .

-Hotel Manager in Malaga, where she learnt about the Thalasso and Spa,s ,Health and Beauty treatments, massages and so on.

-Hotel Manager in Budapest, over there she continues her learning about Spa,s and discover the Opera ,which together with musicals she loves.

-Area Manager in Brussels,European capital where modern Protocol is used every minute so she follows her training in this field .

-General Manager the Caribean 5 * : Fantasia RD + Royal hidewaway & Allegro Playacar Resorts MEXICO.

-GM in Boutique Hotel Portals Hills 5* : Mallorca

In love with the Spanish northern area where she lived : Asturias, She appeared in the TV programme from TPA : “Asturianos por el mundo “ 2011 Budapest ,and also in the newspaper " EL COMERCIO" 12 may 2012 ,while she collaborate in the Luxembourgh radio in the programme :” El balcon “ talking about Hospitality and Tourism ; from March 2016 she writes a monthly colunm in Dominican Republic for the Magazine Bavaro : " Protocol and Hotels " 

Member  : AEDH - SKAL


                 AEP _ QOE _ Vocal APECA ( 2016 - 2018 )

Volunteer :FIDMA , ASTURIAS , august 2015 + CORTE INGLES ,april 2016+ GIJON ,may 2016 :